Why 3d?

you may find yourself thinking “why would we need 3D graphics in our marketing?”

Well. Heres a few of the many reasons for why you should turn to 3D.

1. It can show what cannot be photographed.

with 3D, you can show everything that goes on under the hood of mechanics, its easy to fly trough objects and show whats important.

2. It can show what has not been built yet.

Of course there is the option of technical drawings, but oftenly it is hard to get a sense of space when its only in a 2D pane. Our world is in 3 dimensions, and thus its also much easier to percieve a 3D visualisation compared to a 2D visualisation.

3. Position a company as technologically sophisticated.

3D animation can take an ordinary, mundane product and impart an intense “high – tech” look and feel to it. A Gillette razor becomes ultra – sleek like a jet plane in recent ads. Supporting graphic design elements as well as a touch of Hollywood special effects help make this work, but pace of movement, lighting and camera work contribute as well. No other medium elevates a product’s perceived qualities in quite the way animation can.

4. 3D is compact.

There is no need for huge stages or photorooms. With 3D, you get all of that in just one laptop.

5. Fast changes.

With 3d, its easy to make fast changes to major elements in your production. Maybe you want that car to have a  red tint instead. Or maybe you want it shot from a different angle. No problem.

6. Control.

I feel that in visuals, we do a lot of extra work to get that little bit extra control. Like with layering in Photoshop for example. The same way, when working with a 3D scene, there is an immense amount of changes you could possibly do. Everything from camera angle to piecing the scene up, so you can affect what it is you want to affect.

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