About ME

Marius Hatlelid

I am currently working as a Freelancer, after an almost 3 year long stay with Attensi, where i worked as a 3D Generalist.

Till 2017 I have worked for Attensi, a games company. Where I worked on 29 projects (2 of which were VR) over 3 years, with teams ranging from 3-8 people, and 2-8 months long projects. I am a teamplayer, but i know to take charge when needed.
During my stay, Attensi relied on me as their only in-house artist for more than a year.

I quit Attensi because I found my growth as an artist to have stagnated, and it felt like the right time to pursue a job in the UK.

Aside from Attensi, I have worked on 2 commercials. One for Westerdahls Oslo Act and one for NFL Game Pass, where I used camera matching and 3D tracking, both in 3ds Max and in After Effects.
Environments for 2 movies,Blindspotting and (TBA).
And a digital double, as well as facial animation for a TV Series Pilot(TBA).

I am an artist who has made CG ever since i learned photoshop when i was 12. With a design and IT background acquired in a bachelors in IT with a focal point in 3D art, and with an expertise within Sculpting and modeling, and a general knowledge of all the disciplines of Computer Graphics, including Texturing, Shading, Grooming, Lighting, Rendering, Rigging and Animation.

I am an EU Citizen, ready for Contract, Full time and Freelance work. Relocation Friendly.